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Port Agency

The whole job consists, among other things, the vital element of maintaining excellent relationship with the port authority and the administration. This inevitably contributes toward the high level of service we provide. Our well experienced staffs have over twenty years of experience in the industry and are able to see to the requirements/needs of vessel’s coming into port.

 We at Maritime Network specialize in overcoming limitations placed by the day to day requirements of all types of vessels requiring different types of services when calling into port. From supply of food and water to technical and repair works. Our staff will ensure that the Masters are provided with the necessary information on all issues prior to vessel's arrival with regards to Port State Control, berthing, Pilotage and all port information for vessel's safe entry into port with the objective of servicing vessel’s transiting and also in ports of Singapore. Our well-managed and highly experienced team is structured to efficiently provide the routine services as well as to handle any contingency that they may occur. Highly experienced personnel attends to all facets of ship handling procedures - discharging and loading, arrival and repatriation, procurement and spares, repair facilities, accommodation needs.